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30 Years Younger
An Interview with Don Younger

Video Introduction

You'll find a bit of England on a neighborhood street in northeast Portland, Oregon. For the last 30 years, folks have been minding their p's and q's — pints and quarts — at the Horse Brass Pub.

Many a fine session has taken place among the regulars at the Brass. From the authentic British memorabilia, to the equally authentic cholesterol-challenging pubgrub, the set and setting enhances the appreciation enjoyment of one thing... beer. On tap, on cask, or from the bottle, beer is not only spoken, but celebrated here. All this the result of the 30-year stewardship of it's owner and publican, Don Younger. —TD

Special thanks to Don Younger for taking the time to speak with us and share his story, and to Lisa Morrison for being our cinematographer du jour.




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