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Dear Editor:
Here is my new subscription to the Celebrator. You've got a great publication. I especially enjoy the coverage of the San Diego brew scene. I picked up my first issue at my homebrew supply store when I first started brewing and really enjoyed reading it. Well, since then things have really taken off. I now have plans under way to start my own contract brewing company. This is a great industry with such fantastic potential. I am looking forward to further inspiration and information from the Celebrator. Keep up the good work. Look for fine beers from the Big Cat Brewing Company soon.

Yours in Beer,
Paul Zawilenski
Big Cat Brewing Company
San Diego, CA

Dear Big Cat:
Congratulations, Paul! Thanks for your kind words. "Big Cat" is a great name! "Dead Cat" turned out to be not so great. — Ed.

Dear Editor:
As usual, I enjoy reading your fine publication, but when I turned to page 13 of your June issue and read the "Brew Pub Story," as related by Dr. Joseph Owades, Brewski Brew Master, I was shocked! The story read, "One of the most famous brew pubs in the world is Brewsky's in New York City!" Now Doctor Joe is quite famous, but I don't think he has a grip on this one. Brewsky's is a fine bar, a delightful pub. It showcases Anchor beers on tap. It is next door to Burp Castle, a fine pub in its own right. It is down the street from McSorley's, a world classic. But a brewpub Brewsky's isn't. Could you please look in to this, and if Doctor Joe is indeed off base, call him out!

Patrick Baker
Keene, NH

Dear Patrick:
Dr. Joe is safe! But you might drop a line to Brewski's; they're the ones who created the ad and changed the "y" to "i" in Brewski. — Ed.

Dear Editor:
While at the Steelhead Brewery Pub in Eugene, OR, a few days ago, I was exposed to your Brewspaper for the first time. Really enjoyed browsing through the Aug/Sept 1994 issue.

Richard D. Jones
Eugene, OR

Dear Exposed:
If our paper exposes itself again, you let us know. Naughty paper! — Ed.

Dear Editor:
I just received my third edition of the Celebrator and, as usual, enjoyed every page. However, I was devastated to learn that there already is a brew called Mad River. I've been banging my head against the wall for months trying to figure out a name to call my liquid creation. My boss and his wife just moved to their new digs in Denver. The name of their street was Mad River Court. That was it, I told myself. That's going to be the name of my new brew. Well, needless to say, it's back to the drawing board...

Mike Popovich
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Dear Mike:
Maybe if you asked your boss and his wife to move again... Anyway, how 'bout "Head-banger's Beer?" — Ed.

Dear Editor:
I subscribe to 7 regional beer newspapers to keep up with microbrewery and brewpub information across the United States. The Celebrator Beer News is the best of the bunch! Keep up the good work. As a side note, my brother-in-law and I just recently completed a 3-day brewpub trip in Oregon. We visited 26 brewpubs and took in the beautiful scenery between stops. I have been to over 110 brewpubs in the United States to date, and I must say that the "Oregon Brewpub Trail" is at the top of my list.

The memories of the cask-conditioned ales, the hand-painted brew tanks at the Oak Hills Brewpub, and the view of hundreds of windsurfers from the sun deck at the Full Sail Brewery in Hood River are only a few examples of what makes Oregon a brewpub haven. Even for the non-beer enthusiasts, the homebrewed root beer and ginger ale at the Deschutes Brewery & Public House in Bend is a must.

My wife and I are taking a trip to the New England states this fall to see what the other coast has to offer. We plan on visiting at least 30 brewpubs and a handful of microbreweries.

Steven J. Weddle
Houston, TX

Dear Steven:
You're just in time!! In this issue we have a short article on Vermont (and New Hampshire) brewpubs and micros. Also, Steve Johnson, publisher of the On Tap series of micro guide books, has just come out with his newest, Brewpubs in New England, and it's terrific! It has several four-color pages and is very comprehensive. Call 803-654-3360 for information. Also, Jack Erickson, author of many micro guides, has published Brewery Adventures in the Big East. It covers the East Coast from Florida to Maine. Highly recommended. Contact Jack at RedBrick Press, P.O. Box 1895, Sonoma, CA 95476. — Ed.

Dear Editor:
I'm a 23-year-old beer lover, and I've started to collect beer (micros and imports) — about 300 in the last year. I would appreciate it if you would let me know of a beer club that specializes in imports instead of just microbrews (Belgian ales, especially Chimay).

Steve Littlefield
Woodland, CA

Dear Steve:
Contact the International Beer Club, 2250 N. Lincoln, Chicago, IL 60614. Oh, please don't thank us. Just send a bottle of Chimay. — Ed.

Dear Celebrator:
How come your subscription is so expensive? I subscribe to another paper, which is in the same newspaper format as yours, and it is $2.50 at the stand, and I get them for as cheap as $.99 per issue.

Magazine subscriptions are also cheaper than their cover rate. A stamp or two doesn't cost $1.25, yet this is how much more I would be spending per issue. It would be cheaper for my friend to buy them at the stand and send them to me first class.

Eugene, OR

Dear Box:
Subscriptions are available for people who can't get the Celebrator any other way or those who want to get it ASAP. We do not subsidize subscriptions to build circulation. Please note that first class postage for the Celebrator is $1.44. (Added note: We will soon be offering our subscribers the option of receiving their Celebrator by first class mail or by regular third class mail.) — Ed.

Dear Editor:
I was surprised to see my letter requesting a back issue published in your recent issue (boy, you guys must not get a lot of letters). I tipped you a dollar and said to have a beer on me. What was I thinking? I certainly didn't mean for you to have a @%$#! Bud, so here's 3 more dollars. Have a microbrew on me, and thanks again for a great paper.

Very sincerely,
Peter Vdovin
Concord, CA

Peter, Peter, Peter:
My Assistant Editor thanks you, my Associate Editor thanks you, my Copy Editor thanks you, and I thank you!! (We do get a lot of letters, but yours was the first with a tip!) — Ed.

Dear Sir:
Let me take this opportunity to let you know that I personally consider your newspaper the most complete publication in existence for homebrewers like myself. I look forward to your bi-monthly articles; they are informative and deal with everyday happenings in the brewing world, giving exact and simple responses. I encourage you to keep the same quality for future issues.

Yours truly,
Juan A. Canoura
Hialeah, FL




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