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If Wynkoop is the unofficial headquarters for the GABF in Denver, the Cruise Room must be the command post. This Art Deco treasure, a re-creation of a lounge on a '30s-era cruise ship, has become the place to schmooze and be schmoozed during the beerfest. Noted for killer martinis (martinis?) and a tolerance for fine cigars, the den of deco was jammed with movers and shakers in the beer biz all weekend. Bob Brewer and Bruce Joseph of Anchor Brewery had Anchor's Number One Fan in town, Andy Musser (also known as "the Voice of the Philadelphia Philles"). GABF Director Marcia Schirmer and AOB honchos Elizabeth Gold and Lori Tullberg-Kelly shared their cigars in a most ladylike manner. Deschutes Brewery's Gary Fish from Oregon and Ken and Loren Allen from Anderson Valley Brewing Company in California compared mashing temperatures with Wynkoop and Broadway Brewing's Russ Schehrer and Don and Valerie Gortemiller of Pacific Coast Brewing in Oakland.

Unholy Bonds of Acrimony Dept: An added sideshow was provided by Bill: the Publisher and Fred: the former Editor of Beer: the Magazine. Bill Owens and Fred Dodsworth have parted company rather dis-harmoniously, and both were working the crowd for their respective publications. Fred insists his proposed new mag, Barley Juice, will ship December 15. Barley Juice? Wort is he thinking? With both publications going after the same writers and advertisers, this is sure to muddy the communal publishing pool just a bit...

Unrelated item: The Otto Brothers Brewery in Wilson, Wyoming, features a Moose Juice Stout.

Unclear on the Concept Dept.: Mickey's Malt Liquor Halloween promotion ad text sez, "Weird Noises, Strange Visions, Bizarre Occurrences. Is it Halloween or Just Another Night with Mickey's?" Yeow, where can I get some of that!...

MADD is not happy about what they perceive as an attempt by the nation's brewers to make a childrenŐs holiday into a drinking event. From Budweiser's monster masks and Coors' seductive Elvira to that wicked Pete's Wicked Ale, Halloween is clearly a holiday for all ages. (The roots of Halloween were clearly adult, folks.) The MADDies want the Beer Institute to put Halloween symbols in the same category that prohibits brewers from using Santa Claus in advertising. So far, the BI Pres has refused. So enjoy your ability to say "Trick or Pete" while you can.

Chocoholics Take Note: Whitbread Beer Co. of London is introducing Fuggles Chocolate Mild in 2,000 British pubs. The English are very particular about their beer and so far reaction is mixed. Fred Eckhardt and Lucy Saunders, brewdom's reigning chocolate-heads, will be disappointed to know that there are no plans to market the choco-brew in the in U.S. And lest Whitbread think they are first with such a concoction, don't mention it around the tie-dyed brewers at McMenamin's Breweries in Oregon, where they've been known to snicker while tossing Milky Ways in the kettle.

Gordon Biersch's Voodoo Lounge: The Rolling Stones were gathering no moss during their week in the San Francisco Bay Area for a series of spectacular shows. Between gigs, they and their huge support group were spotted at a variety of venues around the Bay. On Sunday night, the Gordon Biersch Brewery in the City hosted the horn section for the band. The connection? Brewer/Founder Dan Gordon played trombone with the Stones' Michael Davis during their college days in San Jose. And we all know that a talented trombonist must do something else for a living. We're all lucky that Dan dug beer...

If you think the Rolling Stones are sturdy for their age, try following Michael Jackson around during his current tour of U.S. beer and single-malt attractions. Early morning TV show, radio interviews, lunch tastings, single-malt seminars, lectures, dinner tastings...all the Stones have to do is play music for a few hours! Michael, who is welcomed by brewers and pub owners worldwide, got a bit of a surprise when a Southwestern brewpub declined the opportunity to have him taste their beers. A surreptitious visit later in the evening confirmed management's reluctance to allow him to taste the brew. Sodden thought: the definition of Bush league drinking - a thousand pints of lite?...




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