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CBN's 25th Anniversary Bash
Celebrator Turns 25 with Mardi Gras Party!
The Celebrator Beer News celebrated its 25th anniversary on Sunday, February 17, 2013, with a brewers party at the Oakland Convention Center Marriott Hotel in Oakland, California. The party was the closing event of the hugely successful San Francisco Beer Week. A VIP/Media session started the festivities, with special beers being offered.

Nearly 20 breweries, all over 25 years old, were featured. Over 30 other breweries poured favorite brews as well. Attendees included Celebrator writers from around the country and Canada, beer industry luminaries, pioneer figures in the craft beer movement, and many brewers as well.

Attendees included Celebrator writers from around the country and Canada, beer industry luminaries, pioneer figures in the craft beer movement, and many brewers as well.
Cajun-inspired catering by the Marriott Hotel and Mardi Gras–themed music were included. A list of breweries pouring at the event can be found at The special section of breweries over 25 years in business included Alaskan, Anchor, Anderson Valley, BridgePort, Drake’s, Firestone Walker, Marin, North Coast, Pacific Coast, Pyramid, Rubicon, Shiner, Sierra Nevada, Tied House and Triple Rock. Many brewery founders and owners were in attendance.

A special beer crafted by Celebrator writers at Sierra Nevada Brewery’s Beer Camp was also featured. The beer was named Celebrator Beer News 25th Anniversary Double Pale Ale. Conceptually, we wanted to take flagship Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and “imperialize” it, using the existing recipe but adding something current and something new to the mix. At 9.3% alcohol by volume, the bump was achieved by adding Golden Promise malt to the base two-row pale malt. Traditional hopping with Bravo and Cascade was combined with dry-hopping with Cascade, Citra and experimental hop 366 in the torpedo to impart an alluring hop aroma. The beer was then keg-conditioned. The CBN 25 Double Pale Ale proved quite a hit at the party!

The Celebrator is grateful for the huge attendance by our readers and the many brewery supporters whose advertising keeps us writing about good beer. What a long, strange sip it’s been.

Onward to the next 25 years!

Tom Dalldorf, Celebrator Beer News publisher, and the Mardi Gras gals

Jeff Moses, Tom Dalldorf, Fraggle and Amy Gutierrez

Lisa, Vinnie, Tom, Steve and Natalie share a moment

CBN's 25th Anniversary Party commemorative glasses

Christian from Hopworks and Tom pose for a pic

Vic and The Bistro gang do a special song

Toasting CBN's 25th Anniversary with the crowd

Breweries Who Poured This Year:

21st Amendment Brewery
Anchor Brewing
Anderson Valley Brewing Co.
Auburn Alehouse
Big Sky Brewing Co.
Bison Brewing Co.
Black Diamond Brewing Co.
Drake’s Brewing Co.
Eel River Brewing
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
HighWater Brewing
Iron Springs Pub & Brewery
Lagunitas Brewing Co.
La Trappe
Magnolia Pub & Brewery
Mammoth Mountain Brewing Co.
Marin Brewing Co.
Moonlight Brewing Co.
Moylan’s Brewery & Restaurant
North Coast
Pacific Coast Brewing
Pyramid Brewery
Rubicon Brewing Co.
Russian River Brewing Co.
Shiner Beers
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Six Rivers Brewery
St. Feuillien Brasserie
Stone Brewing Co.
ThirstyBear Brewing Co.
Triple Rock Brewery & Alehouse
Trumer Brauerei



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